In 2010, Sarah Kovac took the bold step to share an inspirational video about her life as a mother with a disability on CNN.Inspirational Memoir by Sarah Kovac¬†Since then, she’s written a memoir, In Capable Arms: Living a Life Embraced by Grace, spoken to crowds all over the U.S. and in Canada, while enjoying her growing family and budding career as a freelance journalist.

Sarah Kovac’s presentation captured our students’ attention and more importantly caused students to reflect on their assumptions, beliefs, and behaviors. Her story of perseverance, grit, and self-examination was right on the level for our high school students.
Brad Crozier, Superintendent of Wayland Public School

In Capable Arms can be found at your local Christian bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and many other retailers. If you’d like to check out her current writing and projects, hop on over to the blog.

With her moving memoir, In Capable Arms, Sarah Kovac shows herself to be a more than capable writer. I want to let pastors and church leaders know that Sarah is equally accomplished as a speaker. Sarah has spoken in our church and did a marvelous job. With honesty, humor, and pathos, Sarah holds her audience in rapt attention as she tells a beautiful story of grace. I highly recommend her!
Pastor Brian Zahnd, Word of Life Church
Because of her disability (Arthrogryposis), Sarah has been forced to adapt to life in some unusual ways. For many daily tasks, she uses her feet. Check out the videos of her driving, changing diapers, and more over on the videos page. Disabled? Hardly.