A Glimpse of Heaven

I have heard that there are “thin places,” where the veil that separates heaven and earth is lifted…

It only took 28 years of my begging for my parents to install a pool, but they’ve finally done it. This weekend, Adam, Ethan and I got to enjoy it for the first time.

It is above ground and the water hits me at the base of my neck, so as Ethan was floating around in his water wings (unassisted, yay!), he was just about at my eye level.
He floated up to me and asked, “Mama hold you?”
I wrapped my arms around him and experienced a moment of Heaven on earth.
The floaties made him nearly weightless, and the depth of the water put him at the perfect height to sit on my hip. We danced around the pool to Little Big Town, and it was no strain at all on my arms. I could have held him forever.
No one could see the tears in my eyes because of the pool water, but… what an unexpected gift. He’s getting heavy enough these days that I really can’t carry him… only for a few seconds.
But what a joy it was to know that there are places that even a mother such as myself can dance with her little boy.
And what a thought… someday I’ll be immersed in that reality, and never have to get out.

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