The stay at home mom and the American Dream

“Forever is composed of nows.” 
― Emily Dickinson

Since my son was born 5 years, ago, I’ve been “just” a stay at home mom. Maybe it’s time for a change? I was feeling ambitious earlier this summer and decided to return to school. After all, I only have about 20 credits left to complete my degree in English, journalism concentration. I need to finish it. So, I started filling out papers, completing requirements, making phone calls. I looked into options for internships.

I lined up babysitters to cover my very light school schedule. I plotted and planned and made excel worksheets.

But after I arrived home from one such planning session the other day, my newly-walking 11-month-old practically ran to greet me, smiling a huge, now-toothy smile, and I thought, Why would I leave now?

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Confessions of an overwhelmed mom

I’ve retreated to my home office with a tall glass of milk and what’s left of a package of Mint Creme Oreos. Yes, the last few days have been the kind that leave me with tension headaches and fighting back tears. My sweet little 10-month-old refuses to nap or sleep at all unless I’m with her. My 4-year-old will not. stop. talking. Continue reading


I’m not his dream girl

It was a few years back at one of my first speaking engagements. The church was small, and I had to borrow a projector to take with me because they didn’t have one. I don’t remember much else about the talk I gave, but clear as day I remember an older man approaching me afterward. What he said confused me at the time, and I’d like to believe he didn’t realize what he was implying, or that it would make me feel about 2 inches tall.
He told me how inspiring my talk was, and that he was glad I came. But then his voice dropped a little so Adam, my husband, wouldn’t hear.

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