Interview on Moody Radio with Nancy Turner

Yesterday, I was privileged to be interviewed by Nancy Turner of This is the Day on Moody Radio. I thought I’d share with you, in case you missed it. Listen below!

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Or click the following link to download the audio:

Radio – This is the Day, Nancy Turner 2-24-14

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Six Years Ago Today…

Six years ago today, I was at the spa getting my hair and makeup done. Soon, a horse-drawn carriage would arrive to usher me into a new life. carriageThe Dominican pastor didn’t speak English, so our vows were exchanged via an interpreter. We strained to understand her, and of course I’d chosen non-traditional vows. Despite that, Adam and I dedicated our hearts to one another on a beach, this day six years ago. Continue reading

What special needs kids really need

A recent study shows that a kid with a disability is not a drain on society, as some seem to think. Their “special needs” do not make them “needy.” In fact, they improve the lives of all around them. I wish I had understood this as a child. If I had, I might not have struggled with depression and contemplated suicide. If your child is “different,” if your child struggles to fit in, if your child needs more help than their peers, I want to tell them something: Continue reading