Book Update, Advent Links, and My New Tumblr

Happy Advent! I am so excited for this holiday season. I am living it slowly, deliberately, thoughtfully. These days are holy, and I dare not forget that!

To this end, I’ve created a Facebook group for people to gather and discuss what they are learning and doing and studying as we near the celebration of Christ’s birth. Join us? Our experience will be richer because of you.

Also, I have started a Tumblr site, where I am posting photos and short videos depicting how I do things in my unique way. I know people wonder, and this is my answer to the curiosity. Click here to see for yourself, and feel free to Follow me there or share the site if it interests you. (There will be the occasional post on my family and pets… I can’t help myself.)

And my book! I am working on the final round of edits, and will be handing it in for the last time on December 5. I can’t explain to you how excited I am, and how happy I’ve been with my publisher, Abingdon Press, and my editor, Lauren Winner. God has placed me in a family. Blessed, blessed, blessed.


What are you doing to prepare your heart for Emmanuel? I hope to learn from you. :)

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