Book Update, Advent Links, and My New Tumblr

Happy Advent! I am so excited for this holiday season. I am living it slowly, deliberately, thoughtfully. These days are holy, and I dare not forget that!

To this end, I’ve created a Facebook group for people to gather and discuss what they are learning and doing and studying as we near the celebration of Christ’s birth. Join us? Our experience will be richer because of you.

Also, I have started a Tumblr site, where I am posting photos and short videos depicting how I do things in my unique way. Continue reading

Looking for Inspiration

Recently, I dedicated myself to being more disciplined in my blogging. If you know me, you know this is quite a stretch for my discipline-phobic, anti-schedule nature. In fact, I set a decisive schedule for myself, and have met my deadline every week but one (and that I only missed by a couple hours).

I have learned a few things during this stretching exercise:

We were created in God’s image; we have the capacity to create. When I make time and mental space to create on a regular basis, the world lights up for me in a new way. My Saturday morning deadline is looming, so some part of me is constantly on the hunt for inspiration, for beauty, for the lesson I missed before.
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