Waiting on the World to Change: Pregnancy and New Life

Only a couple more weeks! Our precious little Taylor May is due August 26th. This pregnancy has really flown by, thanks to all the activity! I attended the International Christian Retail show, where I saw the Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) of my book and signed about 125 of them in my first book signing, I flew to San Diego to pick up my Google Glass, I’ve begun doing a little freelancing, had a radio interview last week, and am in the thick of planning my son’s fourth birthday party. Whew! Continue reading

Parental Pain Projection

I took my son to a public play area that morning, thinking he could use some social activities. Not long into the outing, I realized that Ethan wanted to play with the other kids, but they were playing “keep away from the little guy.” My little sweet pea was chasing the others all over the place, just wanting to play. When I got over my anger that the other parents didn’t intervene or even notice, I was overwhelmed with sadness that he was experiencing this, and fear that he would always be left out. Continue reading

Letters to Our Kids (Are You Sure They Know?)

Today, my “baby” turns two years old. He runs, strings sentences together and climbs things he shouldn’t. He steals my heart in small moments the way I never knew I could lose it. To sit with someone so beautiful – so pure – and to know that I was allowed to take part in his creation… I have experienced the goodness of ten lifetimes.Some day too soon, he will be old enough to find these “love letters” embarrassing, and I will have to stop spreading them all over the internet. I suppose that will be my cue to have another kid.
When I was pregnant, I bought a journal called “Love Letters to My Baby.” This was the first journal I’ve ever completed (pretty sad for a “journal”ism major, huh?). I actually finished ninety-six pages of handwritten hopes, fears, dreams and prayers for my unborn child. Motherhood really has changed me!

I hope that between the archive of blog posts that will have accumulated, and this journal, that he will see that his mom used to be young and sort of cool. Or at least relatable, if not cool. Cool probably won’t even be a word he uses… sigh, I’m already losing this battle. No matter.
He may read all this and confirm his suspicions that I’m a complete dweeb. I can live with that. What I want him to know most is that he captured my heart well before he had the chance to earn it.

Dearest Ethan, Continue reading