22 Supplies You Need Before, During and After a Home Birth

Having a home birth was one of the most zen experiences of my life, but it required a fair amount of research, forethought and preparation. Think about all the little things a hospital keeps in stock for new moms: heat/cold packs, gauze, bed sheets, disposable underwear, disinfecting wipes, pads, diapers… the list is endless. Unfortunately, you’ll pay a pretty penny for any items you use in a hospital, and that’s one of the coolest things about home birth: you won’t be overcharged for supplies, since you buy them yourself! I did hours and hours of research in preparation for my home birth, and I found that I had everything I needed and wanted. This post does contain affiliate links, but there’s nothing I’ve listed here that I didn’t actually have on hand and use for my home birth. I’ve sifted through my order history and decided these were the products I’d buy again.


Before the Birth

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Avoiding Burnout: Stop Before You Need To

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I spent a good chunk of this last week in St. Louis at the International Christian Retail Show. There, I finally got to see a hard copy of my book, signed about 120 of them at my book signing, shared meals with my family at Abingdon Press, and was interviewed by multiple media representatives. I was photographed for magazines, donned headphones for radio shows, and powdered my nose for TV. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before, and it was surreal to see my face on ads at my publisher’s booth.

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Our Anchor in a Flood of Thoughts

It was 3 a.m. and I couldn’t sleep. My thoughts seemed to have a mind of their own, and as much as I tried to quiet myself, I was overwhelmed by all the things in life beyond my control. All the ways I want to protect and defend myself, but can’t. I had the nearly irresistible¬†urge to attempt to right all that is backwards and messed up in my life, and to start that process by working on everyone else. Three in the morning seemed as good a time as any. Continue reading

Inching Toward Natural Living: Join Me?

Okay, well I guess the cat’s out of the bag… From my choice of natural childbirth, my recent giving up of shampoo, and my current experiments with homemade face wash, you might have gathered that I’m sort of a hippie, when I have the willpower. I spend hours researching and reading books on what is healthy, what is natural, and wishing I could live “like that.”

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No ‘Poo: Why, How, and My Experience

¬†A lot of people were interested in my Facebook mention of the “No ‘Poo” method (ditching shampoo), so I thought I’d come over here and describe my experience in detail. I haven’t touched my hair with shampoo or conditioner in nine days. The pictures in this post were taken last night (day 8 of no shampoo).

After seeing these pictures posted to Facebook, a few of my friends have decided to take the plunge with me and give this a try. This does not mean I do not wash my hair! The typical shampoo-less regimen goes something like this: Continue reading