Six Years Ago Today…

Six years ago today, I was at the spa getting my hair and makeup done. Soon, a horse-drawn carriage would arrive to usher me into a new life. carriageThe Dominican pastor didn’t speak English, so our vows were exchanged via an interpreter. We strained to understand her, and of course I’d chosen non-traditional vows. Despite that, Adam and I dedicated our hearts to one another on a beach, this day six years ago. Continue reading

Remember Where Your Marriage Began

For the last five years (almost all of our married life), my husband Adam’s schedule has not allowed for us to regularly attend church together. He never had a Sunday off unless he took it as vacation.

Our first morning off together every week was Monday. Mondays were awful. We spent the day feeling out-of-whack. Even after years of this schedule, it never felt natural or even comfortable. Generally, the day would not pass without us finding some reason to fight. I dreaded our weekends. Then something changed. Continue reading