Make Your Own Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover: The Oil Cleansing Method – OCM

Today I’ve got another nudge for you… another simple, easy, frugal way to begin inching toward natural living with me.
Much like shampoo, most facial cleansers strip our skin of natural oils to replace them with synthetic ones. So, for over a month now, I’ve been going natural, and cleansing my face using what’s called the Oil Cleansing Method (or OCM).

The Oil Cleansing Method works on a basic rule of Chemistry: “like dissolves like.” You take a mixture of oils that are good for the skin, apply it to the face, it dissolves away surface oils along with dirt and makeup, and voila! You’ve got fabulous skin, naturally! This recipe works beautifully to remove even heavy makeup, and you can tinker with the formula to cater to your skin type. I have combination skin, so I figure I’m a good guinea pig. Continue reading

Inching Toward Natural Living: Join Me?

Okay, well I guess the cat’s out of the bag… From my choice of natural childbirth, my recent giving up of shampoo, and my current experiments with homemade face wash, you might have gathered that I’m sort of a hippie, when I have the willpower. I spend hours researching and reading books on what is healthy, what is natural, and wishing I could live “like that.”

Well, I may not have the resources to run a modern-day homestead, where I raise my own chickens and live off my own land, but if living with a disability has taught me anything it is that there is always something I can do, even if it’s small. Continue reading