Smiling at the Future

This is a big year for us. Like, probably the biggest year of my life. This year I become a published author. This year I become mother of two. This year I have a daughter. This year my speaking career hit the next level. I feel likeĀ this year, I grew up. Got a job. Even cut my hair, ha!

This year a lot of hard work is starting to pay off. This year, God made His plans for me more clear. And while these last few years have not been easy — probably the most difficult in my life — God’s been so gracious to me. All the positives His presence brings make the hardest times livable. Continue reading

Saturday Sprint! Got 10 minutes? Blog!

We had such a great sprint for last Saturday’s blog hop. I can’t wait to read what you come up with this time! The beauty of this linkup is that anyone can participate. There is no set theme. If you want a blog prompt, I give you one, but you’re under no obligation to write about that topic. Just start typing! And even if you don’t have a blog, that’s cool. You can use Facebook Notes or even post it as an update in Google+ (please just link back to my site in some way). Ready??

Here’s the prompt: “I’m so excited about…” Continue reading

The Right Way to Mother

I never thought I’d be so grateful for a cup of coffee.

In fact, in my early 20s I turned my nose up at all caffeinated products, claiming, “People don’t need coffee — they need more sleep.” Then I went on to monologue about the toll caffeine takes on the body. Of course, I was right.

But here I am, enjoying a cup of the stuff. What happened to my lofty ideals? One word:


Motherhood. Continue reading