How Could Jesus Possibly Understand?

How many times have I heard it: “Jesus knows your pain.” “He felt everything you feel.” “He understands.”

And how many times have I fought to keep from rolling  my eyes. I struggled to button my own pants until I was 10. I have a fear of stairs crop up frequently from breaking an arm seven times as a kid. There are lots of people grossed out by the appendages I have to eat with. Seriously? Jesus can relate… seriously?

I accepted that Jesus endured all kinds of pain I’d never have to experience, but in all honestly, I felt He’d never come close to knowing my personal brand of heartache. That someone would have the nerve to imply it almost angered me.

I was in deep thought about this very topic the other day, and had a light bulb moment. This was one of those fancy new light bulbs that take time to really illuminate things. I don’t think it’s even done yet.

I’ve said this before, but never made the connection with Jesus:

“Every life is unique in events, but not experience.”

By that, I mean that no two lives are alike, but grief is grief, whether over the betrayal of a disciple or over a life of feeling less-than. He didn’t live like me, or experience the same events, but the painful parts about being me (rejection, betrayal, feeling misunderstood, wanting to be loved)… yeah, He gets that.

We’re all subject to the same emotions, no matter what triggers them. As Muse puts it, “when we bleed, we bleed the same.”

So, no, He has never cried over His inability to pick up His child. But He certainly felt helpless as people chose to turn away from the life He was literally dying to give.

Whatever you’re feeling, Jesus may not have been there, but believe me, He gets it.


One thought on “How Could Jesus Possibly Understand?

  1. Donna Murray says:

    Love this, Sarah! I have a dear friend and colleague whose son is in and out of jail, homeless and jobless when he’s out, and refusing to change his path. It has been such a blessing to share our stories with one another. Despite how different her circumstances are compared to mine- raising a special-needs daughter who is severely autistic and has AMC- the experiences and the emotions are the same. You’re right. Jesus may not have had an autistic daughter who can’t walk, but He gets it.

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