How to be “Lucky”

I used to think I was lucky — or, in religious terms, “favored.” I’ve won various crazy contests in my life (often where the winner is picked at random). Opportunities sometimes seem to fall in my lap.

While I know, without a doubt, God’s favor has played a huge role in the direction of my life so far, I realized this morning that I am more than just “lucky,” — maybe my personality gravitates toward opportunity. Maybe I’m a dreamer who’s willing to try.

By nature, I’m an open book. I make myself vulnerable. I try new things. For every opportunity in life that’s been “handed to me,” I’ve been turned down for many more. And chances are, I was only in the position to be “handed” an opportunity because I’d worked to make myself ready to receive. For example, when I won a scholarship to a speakers/writers conference that eventually led to my book deal: How to be Lucky - Tips for improving your chances in life |

1. I stuck my neck out to even enter the competition.
2. I spent years prior honing my skills as a writer (they judged blog posts and picked their favorites… of the top ten, a winner was randomly selected: me).
3. I was willing to be vulnerable and share a story from my heart.

I’ll tell you more of this crazy story soon.

I wonder, do you think yourself “unlucky”? Would your fortunes change if you were to be open and put yourself “in the  way” of new opportunities? Tell me in the comments.



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