ICRS Day Two

Today’s the big day! We kick things of with my book signing at 10 and then I have interviews with five different media reps today. A couple magazines, radio shows and TV shows also. I did have one TV interview yesterday, so that was a nice warm up.
My legs aren’t used to all this walking. I admit I was hobbling a bit by the end if the day yesterday (my hips don’t take well to pregnancy), but other than that I’ve felt good. My publisher took me to dinner at this awesome bar/grill atop our hotel. The food was so fancy I didn’t know what half of it was, but it was fabulous. Even down to the goat cheese cheesecake for dessert.
Check out the view!
While I’ve been “working,” the boys have been doing some sight seeing. Today’s a big day for them too, as I believe they’re catching a movie and going to see the arch. I’m so blessed to have a husband I can trust to keep the kid happy for days so I can stay focused.
Well, going to finish my coffee and start getting ready. Soon I should have some pictures to share with you from the book signing. :)


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