Inching Toward Natural Living: Join Me?

Okay, well I guess the cat’s out of the bag… From my choice of natural childbirth, my recent giving up of shampoo, and my current experiments with homemade face wash, you might have gathered that I’m sort of a hippie, when I have the willpower. I spend hours researching and reading books on what is healthy, what is natural, and wishing I could live “like that.”

Well, I may not have the resources to run a modern-day homestead, where I raise my own chickens and live off my own land, but if living with a disability has taught me anything it is that there is always something I can do, even if it’s small. If it’s nothing more than switching my son over to local, organic milk, then so be it. That’s how change comes for most of us! That’s how change naturally occurs in all God’s creation: one moment at a time, season by season, inch by inch…

…and one day, our eyes finally perceive something dramatic that has been happening all along.

How often we see what we want, or what we want to be, and yearn to be it all or do it all now. We get so discouraged by our inability to achieve everything, that we fail to achieve anything. I’d like to start bringing small somethings to your attention, if you don’t mind. In doing this, it will be the motivation I need to bring about small changes in my life as well.

Can we help each other make small moves – inch by inch – toward more natural, wholesome lives?

I will still write about things I’ve always written about, but this is becoming a consuming passion of mine, so I believe it belongs here. My blog has always been about honesty… honesty with ourselves, with our God, with others. I see natural living as just another form of honesty. There is something honest about creating clothes for your children, eating food from your back yard, being able to pronounce the products you put on your skin, and spending more time outdoors. This is the life I’m going to begin inching, inching toward… will you inch with me?

Are there ways have you begun inching back toward natural living?
Are there topics you’d like to see discussed?

Let’s talk in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Inching Toward Natural Living: Join Me?

  1. Hi Sarah! I recently updated my old blog roll and started going through blogs I had flagged to follow but wasn’t really reading regularly. I remember now why I decided to follow your blog. What a wonderful personality and faith you have! I love natural living. MS where I live makes it difficult because we are a bug fest. I  would like to stop buying everything I possibly can that comes in some container or isn’t really necessary. I had been making home made laundry soap for awhile but it sometimes bleached spots on towels and things so I quit. 
    come by and visit my blog any time if you like. I have years of gardening and making food from scratch and all that jazz. I’m an old hippie now and born again.

  2. I too am a modern day hippie but I do have chickens!!!  :  )  I love finding ways to be more honest as well.  Especially when it comes to what I feed my kiddos and myself.  Our family New Years Resolution (not that the kids had a choice) has been to eat as All Natural, Organic Non GMO as possible. 

  3. Christie says:

    We started our journey to simple about 20 years ago by learning about herbs, homeopathy and nutrition.  From there, we continued to try and live more simply.  We had a garden and mulch pile with dirt of gold. 
    We moved to some acreage and had dairy goats, chickens and turkeys, where we learned to eat our own meat organically raised.  The eggs are AMAZING. 
    We had to move to a smaller 1 acre ranch where we have had goats and chickens for the last 10 years. 
    The garden however….is more of a weed garden. We are attempting again this year for a real garden. But we have learned that some things are much easier purchased in a store.  So we don’t plant things like broccoli or eggplant.  We DO plant tomatos, cucumbers, peppers, onions, garlic, lettuce…..
    Haven’t planted yet this year.   My mom calls me hippie. :)

  4.  I am very new to this “natural” thing, but I’ve already got more than one person calling me a hippie. :) I’ve never been one to keep plants alive, but I’m determined to at least grow a tomato plant this year… My son is obsessed with them. Cross your fingers! I’d love to develop the discipline to maintain a garden.

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