Looking for Inspiration

Recently, I dedicated myself to being more disciplined in my blogging. If you know me, you know this is quite a stretch for my discipline-phobic, anti-schedule nature. In fact, I set a decisive schedule for myself, and have met my deadline every week but one (and that I only missed by a couple hours).

I have learned a few things during this stretching exercise:

We were created in God’s image; we have the capacity to create. When I make time and mental space to create on a regular basis, the world lights up for me in a new way. My Saturday morning deadline is looming, so some part of me is constantly on the hunt for inspiration, for beauty, for the lesson I missed before.

A rhythm of creating brings the world to life.

I used to wait for inspiration to strike, and sometimes it was a long wait. Now I find myself neck-deep in wonder at the quiet of morning or my toddler’s shrieking laughter. I am looking for goodness in the world, and I am finding it.

When I made the decision to blog weekly, I was a little scared I would run out of things to say, or get bored of writing. And it’s true, there have been times in my life when I didn’t feel like writing. But once I start, I’m always glad I did.

It’s been said, “I hate to write, but I love to have written.”

Creating is work. Heck, even God rested after six days of it. But I would propose that it’s one of the most fulfilling activities a human can engage in. I was made to create. This world will never run out of beauty, and my world will never run short of inspiration… I just have to keep my eyes open to it.

Have you taken the time to create this week?  
Would you be willing to dedicate yourself to write/paint/play music/do-something-creative once a week for the next four? I would love to see some comments and hear how your world comes alive!


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