The Latest on My Book

My publisher (Abingdon Press) has my manuscript and is beginning to work on the cover art. For this reason, I had some new pictures taken yesterday so I have an updated headshot for the back of the book. I’m excited to share those with you! Also, we’ve finally settled on a title and subtitle:

In Capable Arms: Living a Life Embraced by Grace

I’ve been so blessed that Abingdon has kept me involved in the creative aspects of my book’s marketing. They kept my original working title and gave me several options for the subtitle. I’d heard that an author has zero control over what goes outside the pages of the book, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised and happy to be working with this team.

An editor has been assigned to my manuscript, and I will be hearing from her soon. After that, I’ll have about three weeks to revise and submit again. It’s hard to have one’s best work nit-picked, but I very much look forward to learning from my editor (a seasoned author and professor at Duke), and becoming a better writer as a result. Next September will be here before we know it, and I’m psyched to have my very best work in the bookstores!

I’ll keep you posted as we progress!

Sarah K :)

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