The Story of My Wedding Ring

I have been asked more than once whether I am able to wear my wedding ring on my ring finger. I am and do, and this is the story of that ring.

Adam and I were married on January 7, 2008 at Excellence Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. He had picked out a beautiful, princess cut, white gold solitaire engagement ring, and a band that had a bunch of tiny little diamonds inlaid. The wedding band was beautiful, and I wore it proudly.

For one day.

The day after my dream wedding, we were playing in the ocean and (silly me) I forgot to take off my ring. I don’t have very big knuckles, and, you guessed it, a wave hit me from behind and my beautiful ring was gone. My dad happened to be standing on the beach taking pictures of us playing in the water at the time, and we all took a while to shuffle our feet around in the sand, hoping it would pop up, but to no avail. I shed some tears, but decided I would not let it ruin my honeymoon, so I focused on the fact that I would get to pick out a new one!

When we got back to town, I wasted no time in getting to the jewelry shop and picking out my new wedding set. The one I picked was actually completely different than my first one, and much lighter. It had been sitting in the display case for about ten years and I fell in love right away.

We had it sized down (to a size 1!) to fit my ring finger, and it has never fallen off… granted, I do NOT wear it in the water. But, we have it insured, just in case!

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