Waiting on the World to Change: Pregnancy and New Life

Only a couple more weeks! Our precious little Taylor May is due August 26th. This pregnancy has really flown by, thanks to all the activity! I attended the International Christian Retail show, where I saw the Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) of my book and signed about 125 of them in my first book signing, I flew to San Diego to pick up my Google Glass, I’ve begun doing a little freelancing, had a radio interview last week, and am in the thick of planning my son’s fourth birthday party. Whew!

Baby Shower!

Baby Shower!

And yes, being very pregnant has made all this way more difficult than usual.It’s rough trying to brush my teeth and feed myself. My legs start to go numb after typing for a while (feet up on the desk, of course). Sciatica is making it painful for me to drive.

However, I really couldn’t drive at all by this time last pregnancy. I couldn’t sleep and my back hurt terribly. The pains I feel this time are considerably less, and I’m so grateful.

I’m caught between excitement and a sense of loss. I can’t wait to meet Taylor. I can’t wait to see what she looks like and how she smiles and to hear her coo. On the other hand, snuggling my son to sleep at night is becoming bittersweet… this ability to focus on him won’t last forever. I wish it could. Then again, Taylor will be here to love him long after I am gone from this world, and she’s a gift only I can give to my son.

My book launches in September and I’m already fielding writing and speaking opportunities because of it, but none of that compares to the sense of purpose these little ones give me. What a blessing.

So looking forward to having an infant without the anxiety only a first-time parent experiences. I had so much to learn. How to pick up, bathe, feed, clothe a baby — these were all skills learned through trial and error. I’m now confident at least in my physical ability to mother. It’s going to be fun!

Please keep me in your prayers as my body is forcing me to slow down a little in preparation for this new phase of life. Please pray for rest and peace and joy to fill our home in the coming months which tend to stretch parents thin.

I know you will. I will let you know when she arrives!


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