The Purpose of Parents

Ever since Ethan learned to start reaching for blankets, toys, necklaces, etc., a bit of profundity has been rolling around in my mind. At least, it was profound to me. As many life truths are, it is simple and logical, yet challenging.As a parent, I want nothing more than to give my baby the world. I want to be there when he needs me… every time. I want to expose him to the right things at the right time. I want to be his source of wisdom, love and guidance. I want to be all he needs, all he wants, at all times.

Unfortunately, I just can’t. Continue reading The Purpose of Parents

Sometimes Four Limbs are Better than Two

Yesterday I had to come to grips with the fact that it was time. I couldn’t put it off for one more day. I had to stop hoping someone else would take care of it.

Ethan’s fingernails HAD to get clipped.

The previous day, he had scratched his face all up, and he looked like a little “street urchin,” as my dad jokingly put it. When Ethan was a tiny baby, I used a file to tame his nails… I never could bring myself to use the clippers. But lately he’s gotten so strong that I can’t hold his finger still long enough to file. I had to clip, and it had to be done immediately. Continue reading Sometimes Four Limbs are Better than Two

The Story of My Wedding Ring

I have been asked more than once whether I am able to wear my wedding ring on my ring finger. I am and do, and this is the story of that ring.

Adam and I were married on January 7, 2008 at Excellence Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. He had picked out a beautiful, princess cut, white gold solitaire engagement ring, and a band that had a bunch of tiny little diamonds inlaid. The wedding band was beautiful, and I wore it proudly.

For one day. Continue reading The Story of My Wedding Ring

Holding my precious little one

I think Ethan might be teething… he’s been more clingy than usual as of late. I can hold him with my arms, but I can’t do it while standing for very long or I start to lose my grip. I never hold onto him long enough for my lack of grip to become treacherous. I will sit down before that.

It makes me sad that I can’t just walk around with him on my hip when that’s what will comfort him. I love to hug him because I can actually reach my arms all the way around him… kids are the only ones I feel like I can give real hugs to.

For his sake and mine, I wish holding and hugging were easier for me.


This past week, I saw that CNN was looking for people who had parents with disabilites, or WERE parents with disabilities to submit iReports on what life was like for them.

Now, I’ve taken many journalism classes, and am capable of putting together a pretty good video, but I knew that if I waited until I had time to do a pretty good one, it would never get done. So, I took about two hours Sunday morning and put together a sloppy little video of me changing and feeding Ethan. A couple days later, my face was splashed across CNN’s homepage. Continue reading CNN!