Thankful I Can’t Remember

I had been sitting for what seemed an eternity in the waiting room at the doctor’s office for a routine checkup. Even my phone eventually left me bored, so I looked around for something else to occupy my mind, when I spotted the cover of TIME magazine for June 6.Brain stuff! Score! (Yes, I am a nerd.) Flipping to the featured article, I found the headline, “The Optimism Bias: Those rose-colored glasses? We may be born with them. Why our brains tilt toward the positive” Continue reading

Get Your Change Here

 “I’ve got to get out of this town!”

“I wish I could pick up and move to a new place, with new people and just start fresh.”

Ever had those thoughts? I know I have. I’ve lived within 30 minutes of the same town my entire life. For many years I referred to my hometown as “the vortex,” since so many of us wanted to move on to bigger, better things, but never got around to it. In reality, it’s not so bad here. We have a population of around 70,000 people, a couple of nice parks, a school I look forward to sending my son to, a church we love, a Starbucks, a Target and a Goodwill (it’s like a huge garage sale every day… indoors!). We see the majesty of every season. And, most importantly, a lot of our family is here.  So why the drive to uproot? Seems like we’ve got it pretty good here. Continue reading

Here’s to Many More Years of Not Wanting to be a Year Older

Tomorrow is the first day October. Yikes. On a couple of levels.

Yikes #1: Having a new baby, I find that this Summer passed with me in my house almost without exception. There was very little swimming, no camping, and considerably less “fun.” (More joy, however.) I feel like I missed out on an entire season.

Yikes #2: Perhaps this is the larger of the yikeses. In October, I will be turning 27. This revelation hit me the other day. I am considerably closer to 30 than 20, and I think this is the first birthday that I don’t want to be another year older. I know 27 isn’t “old” by any stretch, but 26 just felt so good. It was a wonderful year. It was a year of re-birth for me. A year of Jubilee. I learned how to be a mother, better learned how to be a wife, learned to follow my dreams, and learned not to shy away when they let me catch them. The beauty I’ve experienced in this past year has been beyond my ability to contain it. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve thought, …surely life doesn’t get any better than this. And then, as if to show off, God sets a new joy before me. It has been a mountaintop time in my life. That’s for sure. Continue reading