Smiling at the Future

This is a big year for us. Like, probably the biggest year of my life. This year I become a published author. This year I become mother of two. This year I have a daughter. This year my speaking career hit the next level. I feel like this year, I grew up. Got a job. Even cut my hair, ha!

This year a lot of hard work is starting to pay off. This year, God made His plans for me more clear. And while these last few years have not been easy — probably the most difficult in my life — God’s been so gracious to me. All the positives His presence brings make the hardest times livable.

Waiting for a new thing is such a precious time.

“Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch.”

E. B. White

And that’s where I am… waiting. Knowing good things are coming. Imagining how it might be. Anticipating. Hoping. Wondering if I have what it takes.

That makes me rich indeed. I’ve dared to dream, and what more is there? I’ve dared believe that God has big plans for little me. Even me, a college drop-out, chronic procrastinator, and discipline-phobe.

Start Dreaming |

Whatever your reasons are for believing God can’t use you, you’re mistaken. Indulge yourself in some dreams. Have the nerve to believe God is smart enough to use you, even with your imperfect nature.

Smile at the future, like the girl in Proverbs 31. Smile at the future, because the only one there to smile at is God.


This post was a Saturday Sprint.

2 thoughts on “Smiling at the Future

  1. Kaila says:

    The future that is in front of you is going to be exciting!!! I can’t wait to read your book and to see your daughter!! One of the many reasons I’m so excited about your present and future life is because I am in it:) Not trying to down play everything else that has happened to you this year!!! I’m so excited to watch your future as God blesses you and your family!!

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks, Kaila! It’s an exciting time, for sure! So glad I get to share this time with you and your precious family. :)

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