The Urgent vs the Important

When I was pregnant this time, I was really nervous about the way things were panning out when it came to my career and the new baby. I was afraid she would be a major distraction from the writing and speaking I’m committed to with my book launching a mere two weeks after Taylor’s birth. And you know, she is every bit the distraction I expected.


In fact, I’m writing this post from the recliner using my phone because Little Miss just needs to snuggle today. I still need to go over my notes for my speaking engagement tomorrow. I have a guest post due this weekend… It’s halfway done. I have a contract to sign, a book to send, and a house that could use some TLC. But here I am in the recliner with a little girl snuggled up on my chest.
I’m so thankful.
There’s been so much happening. So much excitement. A photo shoot, television show, multiple radio interviews, my new freelance gigs and guest posts for some really awesome blogs.
But every hour or two, I have to stop. I have to abandon the urgent for the truly important.
I will always have the option to be busy. There will always be pressing matters. There will not always be a little girl who wants nothing more in life than to snuggle with me. That is precious.
While much of my career I consider to be ministry, the work I do as a mother is sacred.
I tread holy ground while toasting waffles and changing diapers and welcoming my husband home from work. To be a wife and mother… These are high callings.
Not all that glitters is gold, and no honor the world can bestow will ever compare to the rewards of my real job.
Things sure are exciting right now (and I’ll be updating you on all that soon), but thank God for these precious little distractions for keeping me centered and connected to what’s important. The urgent can wait.

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